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Analog HD 2 analoghd2

Analog HD 2

Kit: 45,- euro. (hard disk not included). assembling instructions

Assembled: 199,- euro. (with bigfoot hard disc)

zachtkind zachtkind


kit: 75 euro (includes walkman).

zachteman zachteman


Assembled: 220 euro.
Kit: 75 euro (walkman not included).

no drums 2015 nodrums2015

Eurorack Module: no-drums.

Assembled: 99,- euro.

kit assembling

oscilatoscope1d oscilatoscope1d


Built: 113 euro.
Kit: 79 euro.

starvingbinary starvingbinary

starvingbinary module:

Assembled: 55 euro.

inductorjack inductorjack

Kit: 3.50 euro
Assembled: 5.10 euro

100mh inductor, +/- 300ohm resistance
i use this with my 2preamp module or to the microphone input of my mixer, to hear the magnetic field of motors. can also be used on devices like laptops, mobile phones and others.

high resolution images are here

3TrinsRGB1c kit 3trinsrgb1ckit

3TrinsRGB+1c Audio video synthesiser.

Kit: 189 euro.
Assembled: 451 euro.

(when you order this kit you get the plugins for 69 euro when ordered together, normal price is 82 euro).
- Assembling instructions video.
- Assembling instructions picture and text.
- user manual.pdf.

HSS2020 hss2020


Assembled: 74 euro.

pieper pieper


Assembled: 20 euro.
Kit: 15 euro.

oscillatoscop2e oscillatoscop2e


Built: 140 euro.
Kit: 99 euro.

Vu Perc vuperc


Assembled: 113 euro.
Kit: 55 euro.

reverse dc motor reversedcmotor

Eurorack Module: reverse-dc-motor.

built: 51,- euro.
kit: 39,- euro.

3TrinsRGB1cPlugins 3trinsrgb1cplugins

Plugins for the 3TrinsRGB+1c Audio video synthesiser.

It is sold out at the moment, making more kits.
If you want a kit send me a email and i will let you know when they are ready.

4 x Kit set: 82 euro.

Assembled not available (I only see kits of this one).

You will get 1pcs of every plugin, so in total 4 plugins for 82 euro.

- 3TrinsRGB+1c Plugins page.

vc122 vc122

vc122 module:

Assembled: 51 euro.

2preamp2 2preamp2

2preamp module:

Assembled: 50 euro
Kit: 31 euro

schele mixer 2b schelemixer2b


Kit: 69,- euro.
Assembled: 113,- euro.

oscillatoscope2b oscillatoscope2b


Built: 140 euro.